Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Augmented Reality Takes Over Winter Park

September 24-26 were some pretty amazing days at the Winter Park 9th Grade Center!  Brad Waid and Drew Minock were on campus training the entire faculty on augmented reality and using DAQRI in the classroom.  I cannot say how impressed I was with the faculty.  We are a great group of teachers, but technology forward group really isn't something I would use to describe us.  Brad and Drew did a great job with an overview of what DAQRI and augmented reality is, so the faculty was ready to come back the next day to create DAQRI lessons.  Some of the teachers have shared what they created during our training sessions.  Here are some of the things that have been created and already used in the classrooms at Winter Park's 9th Grade Center!

This is a map I created for my World Cultural Geography classes.  Every unit, we look at maps to learn about the region.  Prior to creating this map, the students would each have a transparency to overlay on a base map.  The problem came that I lost base maps, the transparencies would smudge, and students could read them anymore, and I students would only be able to work on this activity in my classroom.  Now, all of those issues have been resolved with DAQRI.  Check it out!

An English teacher created this map for his students while they read The Odyssey during the 3 hour training in the morning and then used it in his class that afternoon.  It's impressive!

One of the Biology teachers was uncertain about using the technology in her classroom and taking the time to create it.  She make this experience of the cell.  It is quite impressive.  She was very excited to show Brad, Drew and I on Friday.  She even took time at Open House to talk with the parents about it.  I'd say she sees the power augmented reality!

The Physical Education teachers decided they wanted to make a target to hang in the weight room for the students to know how to properly use the machines and what exercises they could do to strengthen specific muscles.  This will allow the student to stay active even if they've never used the equipment before because they now have video of a professional using the same equipment they have in the weight room.

One more of mine... this is the lesson that started me on my augmented reality pathway.  I have the students analyze population pyramids and discuss what's happening in the country.  Using DAQRI, I took it to a new level.  My students loved this lesson this year, and many of them picked the wrong answer just to get the response they get when wrong.  This is just one pyramid, there were 10 of them throughout the classroom.

I hope this inspires others to start using DAQRI 4D Studio.  It is a great tool to enhance learning in the classroom.